Truck #2 - Nobody Comes Close

1980 Seagrave 100' Aerial Ladder Truck, with a pre-piped waterway with dual aerial water towers. It is equipped with one of the following: 14' Roof Ladder; 16' Roof Ladder; 18' Roof Ladder; 20' Roof Ladder; 24' Extension Ladder; 28' Extension Ladder; 35' Extension Ladder; 40' Bangor Ladder; Little Giant Ladder System, 6000 watt generator, four cylinder 6000 P.S.I. breathing air cascade system. Truck #2 has seven air packs, with spare cylinders, along with a thermal heat detector and thermal imager. Along with three rescue saws ranging from roof to forcible entry saws and a reciprocating saw. Rope rescue equipment including assorted Life-Line rescue ropes and support ropes along with a Stokes rescue basket. Ventilation equipment including positive and negative pressure ventilation fans, fixed and portable scene lighting and power. Along with a full variety of hand tools including forcible entry tools and a Hydra-Ram forcible entry system, and hose and hose fittings.

Engine #2 - Business As Usual

Operators Seat - Officers Seat
Crew Area - Crew Area
Operator Side Compartment 1 - Officer Side Compartment 1
Operator Side Compartment 2 - Officer Side Compartment 2
Operator Side Compartment 3 - Officer Side Compartment 3
Rear Compartment

2003 KME Excel Panther MFD, 1,500 GPM single-stage pump, 500 gallon tank with a 20 gallon foam cell, large diameter air operated rear intake. 11 discharges, six 200' pre-connected attack lines, one 100' trash line, one TFT crossfire pre-piped deck monitor, 1250' of 5" supply line, 500' of 3" ready line along with a high-rise pack containing 200ft., of 2" hose, 2 combustible gas monitors, thermal heat gun. We have equipped the unit with six SCBA's and ten spare cylinders. Along with assorted forcible entry tools, and a K12 power saw and Sawsall reciprocating saw. Along with assorted Absorbent pads and material, cribbing and step chocks, Class C Haz-Mat suits and a negative pressure ventilation fan. This unit features a 6kw PTO driven hydraulic generator with two 200' electric cord reels, two 1500 watt telescopic lights as well as portable lighting. Engine #2 is powered by a Caterpillar 330hp diesel engine and an Allison automatic 5 speed transmission.
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